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We are here to automate your work on LinkedIn: connect people, send auto-follow up messages, track the statistics, work together with your teammates!

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Set your campaings, filter and save leads, get all statistics online

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Chrome Extension

Run campaigns, export contacts from LinkedIn, sync your team activities

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LinkedIn automation

Auto-connect people, send follow up messages, run multiple campaigns at a time

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Contacts management

Get contacts from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator search, use CVS to upload custom lists etc.

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Campaings and teams statistics

See how well your own and your teammates perform, get the detailed activities statistics

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Team management

Invite your teammates and manage all the campaigns from one account, track the team performance

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Smart automation

Auto-connect people

Send follow up messages

View, like and endorse connections

Personalize all messages

Create multi-step campaigns

Run multiple campaigns at a time

Track all campaign activities


Track connection and reply rates

Monitor your team performance

A|B test campaigns (BETA)

Sales Navigator

Work with leads, saved searches, lists

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Network management

Export contacts from LinkedIn and Seles Navigator Search, Groups and Events

Upload contacts via CSV

Create custom lists of contacts

Download contacts from


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Run multiples accounts

Use Google Account authentication

Stay safe thanks to smart automation


Export contacts from LinkedIn

Use CSV, TXT, DOCX files to upload custom lists

Use Zapier for integrations (BETA)

Key features of software 
to automate your work on LinkedIn

Campaign master allows you to send personalized messages, connection requests and follow-ups in automatic mode. In a few minutes, you can create and run a multi-step campaign!

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Advanced filtering

Search and filter new and existing connections without a need to get back to LinkedIn every time when you launch a new campaign. remembers your activities on LinkedIn and helps to avoid repeated actions.

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Comprehensive Statistics will equip you with detailed statistics showing the efficiency of each step taken within your campaign. It will also help you compare your teammates' performance on LinkedIn!

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Team management

In, you can manage multiple LinkedIn profiles at the same time. To do this, you need to invite new members to your team.
To access the management of contacts and campaigns of the rest of the team members, you should subscribe to the "Manager" level

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Find and reach out the most relevant candidates

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Increase your SSI score through active networking

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10 popular questions about software

What is is a LinkedIn automation software. Our software aims to automate lead generation on LinkedIn and make it smart and pleasant. will help you send bulk messages and invitations, auto-follow people on LinkedIn, and interact with their profiles.

It will also save the story of interaction with your leads and help you increase the efficiency of automation campaigns through the advanced statistics provided by the software. is a brilliant alternative to other LinkedIn automation tools existing on the market. To ensure we meet the requirements of salespeople, marketing managers, and all those who deal with LinkedIn daily, we collect feedback from our customers and would appreciate your sharing your thoughts about Send us an email or leave a comment on social media, we will highly appreciate your time!

What is LinkedIn automation?

LinkedIn is a social networking platform that allows you to connect with people worldwide. It means that you can easily find and target your potential customers. But what if thousands of those may be interested in your product or service? That’s the case when you should think about automating your activities on LinkedIn and find software which will meet your needs. is LinkedIn leads generation software which helps people avoid their daily routine on LinkedIn. It will become irreplaceable if your team uses several LinkedIn profiles to generate leads through social networking.

Sending mass messages and connecting people on LinkedIn is a time-consuming process which can be easily automated. By using LinkedIn lead generation software, you can save up to 30% of your time and stay focused on building client relationships.

Even if you use only one profile, there is still a place for automation tools.

How can I send bulk messages on LinkedIn?

Before you create your mass messaging campaign, send bulk messages using make sure that you are trying to reach out to the right people, your inquiry is personal and shows how you can bring value, it is customised enough to catch the recipient’s attention.

Dayli, LinkedIn users receive hundreds of messages. It’s no secret that several LinkedIn automation tools offer quick and simple service based on some elementary web scripts. Using such software may harm your profile and bring the restriction.

At, we ensure our customers avoid spam practices and send bulk messages to people based on search priorities and different filters, including those that show the previous history of interactions with the given lead.

How to warm up your LinkedIn profile?

Before you run your first LinkedIn automation campaign using any special software or tool, take care of your profile and warm it up.

What does it mean? Warming up your LinkedIn profile means optimising it to make a positive and professional impression on visitors, whether they are potential employers, clients, or networking contacts. Besides, it also means that you have to grow your network in a way that will prove that you are not simply spamming people on LinkedIn but networking is your regular activity.

Some simple steps to complete your profile while warming it up are:

1. Complete Your Profile: Ensure all sections are filled with accurate information.
2. Professional Photo: Use a clear and professional profile picture.
3. Compelling Headline: Craft a concise and impactful headline.
4. Strong Summary: Write a compelling summary highlighting your skills and goals.
5. Highlight Achievements: Emphasize accomplishments in your work experience.

While completing all the profile sections, start to invite people to join your network. Send 10-15 connection requests daily to people you know. Make sure that you add a note message each time you send the request. Increase the number of invitations sent after you get the first 100 connections.

Read more about the technology of profiles warming up in our blog article.

How to stay safe on LinkedIn?

While sending bulk connection requests and messages on LinkedIn, that’s important to follow some safety tools that will help you avoid restrictions and permanent blocks. These rules include:

1. Send invitations to people who may be interested in your products and services. Narrow your leads search using Sales Navigator, boolean search and other tools and methods that may help you create a relevant audience.
2. Personalise your messages and connection requests. allows you to send highly personalised messages and inquiries
3. Do not override daily limits recommended by Sending up to 50 messages and 40 connection requests a day will result in staying safe in a long-term relationship.
4. Change the messages and do not create super long chains of follow-ups while creating LinkedIn automation campaigns.

Follow these and other safety rules (find them here: ) to stay safe on LinkedIn.

What is the best LinkedIn automation tool?

If you are looking for LinkedIn automation tools, you should focus on those that prioritise ethical and responsible use of the platform. Some popular LinkedIn automation tools include:

Dux-Soup: Dux-Soup is a Chrome extension that offers features like profile visits, connection requests, and automated messaging. It can help with lead generation and outreach.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: LinkedIn’s own Sales Navigator tool provides advanced search and lead management features, making it a powerful tool for sales and lead generation.

MeetAlfred: MeetAlfred is an automation platform that offers features like connection requests, automated messaging, and profile views. It aims to help with lead generation and sales outreach.

Zoho CRM: Zoho CRM integrates with LinkedIn and allows you to manage your LinkedIn connections, send messages, and track interactions within your CRM system. may be the perfect alternative to the existing LinkedIn automation tools thanks to its simplicity, intuitive interface, and additional features that help to create highly customised messages and invitation requests.

What makes different from other LinkedIn automation software?

When you decide to search for LinkedIn automation software, we highly recommend you explore and check its features. During the trial period, you will get access to all features, including export, import of contacts, campaign master, advanced statistics, team management etc.

After the trial period, to continue using, you will have to choose your subscription plan. There are three plans offered. All of them include such basic features as:

  • sending bulk messages
  • sending bulk connection requests
  • filtering contacts on
  • exporting contacts from LinkedIn search to
  • and saving the story of activities

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