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How to warm up your LinkedIn profile?

Hey there! Did you know that LinkedIn is not just a site for job hunting but also a goldmine for finding new leads and networking with potential clients? As it got more popular, LinkedIn decided to tighten up its rules a bit. According to LinkedIn rules, you can send a limited number of invitations per week – from 150 to 200 people whom you don’t know well.


But don’t worry, there are still ways to get around these new limits and keep your networking game strong. One way is to use those InMail credits LinkedIn gives you to message people directly. Another smart move is to juggle a few different LinkedIn profiles to spread your reach even further. Just remember, LinkedIn is always on the lookout for fake profiles because they want to keep their community trustworthy.


If you’re thinking about getting into LinkedIn automation, you’ll need to “warm up” your profiles first. It’s a bit like warming up your car on a cold day – it takes a bit of time and care. Even though it’s straightforward, it does require your attention and effort.


Over at, we’re all about making this warming-up process as easy as pie. Here’s how you can do it:

    • Fill Out Your Profile Completely:

Kick things off by making sure every part of your profile is filled out. Don’t skip the recommendations section, and be sure to add various types of content. Throw in some links in your summary and experience sections, and nudge your buddies to endorse your skills.

    • Start Adding Connections Manually:

First, connect with people you work with and your real-life friends on LinkedIn. It’s crucial to start building your network with people you actually know.

    • Keep Building Your Network:

Gradually add more people to your network by reaching out to 15-20 second-level connections each day. A good tip is to connect with recruiters or folks in your field who use premium accounts, as they’re more likely to accept your invite. This way, you could have over 200 connections in just a month or two.

    • Be Active and Engage:

Don’t just sit there! Make posts, comment on others’ updates, and keep the conversation going at least once a week. LinkedIn loves seeing users actively participating.

    • Start Your Automation Slow:

After reaching 200 connections, start your warm-up automation cautiously. Ensure that 70% of invitees are second-level connections and share your location and industry. Vary your daily connection requests (10-20 is recommended) and the timing of your automation.

    • Post, Like, Comment:

Keep sharing different types of content, like photos, videos, and polls. It keeps your profile interesting and engaging.

    • Ready to Amp Up Your Automation?:

Once you surpass 500 connections, gradually increase your automation efforts. Adjust the average daily connection requests by 3-5 each week, paying attention to daily limits and scheduling on platforms like


Warming up your LinkedIn profile might take a couple of months, but it’s totally worth it for getting your automation right and making those valuable connections.


Got any questions or need some more tips on getting the most out of Feel free to drop us a line at We’re here to help!