LinkedIn News 2024: AI tools, security update and algorithm tweaks

2024’s rolling in with some fresh updates on LinkedIn, and it looks like we’re all in for a treat. LinkedIn’s planning to jazz things up with smarter AI, tighter security, and some fine-tuni of its algorithm. It’s all about making our online professional hangout spot a bit more personalized and a whole lot safer.

Whether you’re here to network, job hunt, or just soak in the wisdom from your industry peers, these updates are aimed at making your LinkedIn time more fruitful and secure. So, get ready to see how these changes might just make your LinkedIn experience smoother and more tailored to what you’re all about.

LinkedIn’s 2024 AI Update: Simplifying premium experience for jobs and marketing

In 2024, LinkedIn is getting a big update with artificial intelligence (AI), making things easier and smarter for everyone who pays for premium. LinkedIn is using AI to help people find jobs, hire people, and create ads without a lot of hassle.

    • What’s New with AI: LinkedIn is working with Microsoft, who is really good at AI, to make some cool changes. Now, if you’re looking to hire someone, you can just ask LinkedIn like you’re asking a friend, and it helps you find the right person. And if you’re in marketing, LinkedIn can automatically make a whole ad campaign for you just by looking at your website.
    • How It Helps with Jobs: For jobs, LinkedIn’s AI can understand when you’re looking for someone with certain skills, even if their job title is a bit different. It’s all about matching the skills you need with the right people, no matter what their job title says.
    • Why This Matters: Most people use LinkedIn for free, but LinkedIn makes its money from those who pay for extra features, like recruiters and marketers. By adding AI, LinkedIn is making these premium features even better, so more people might want to start paying for them.

With this update, LinkedIn is hoping to make the platform not just easier to use but also smarter, helping you get exactly what you need, whether that’s the perfect job candidate or a great new marketing campaign.

So, as we look into 2024, keep an eye out for these AI features on LinkedIn. They’re going to make a lot of the stuff we do on LinkedIn a lot simpler and more effective.

LinkedIn 2024 Security Update: Authenticity ensured with new verification tools

In 2024, LinkedIn is upping the ante on security and authenticity, ensuring our professional hangout remains bot-free and genuine. For those crafting new profiles or managing existing ones, here’s a quick rundown on what’s new and why a little caution goes a long way:

      • Real Connections Only

LinkedIn is serious about connecting real people, not bots or fictional characters. With free verification tools in partnership with CLEAR, U.S. users can easily confirm their identity with government ID and a phone number, earning a verified status badge. 

      • Verify Your Workplace: 

LinkedIn lets you verify your employment via your company email, adding trust to your profile. This feature is launching with over 4,000 companies and will expand, ensuring your professional credentials stand out. 

      • Microsoft Collaboration:

 A collaboration with Microsoft means eligible users can get a digital workplace ID for free, further proving their authenticity. 

      • Watch for Suspicious Activity: 

LinkedIn is on the lookout for suspicious profiles. If flagged, you’ll need to verify your identity by submitting documentation. It’s a crucial step in maintaining a trustworthy network. 

      • Verification Takes Time: 

If you’re flagged for verification, patience is key. LinkedIn’s thorough review process ensures the community remains authentic. 

LinkedIn’s updates in 2024 reflect a commitment to a secure, bot-free environment, emphasizing the importance of genuine interactions. So, before you dive into creating or updating your profile, remember: verification isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity for fostering authentic connections and keeping the platform secure.

Free Users, Premium Potential, and What’s Changing

If you’ve been loving LinkedIn for free, you might notice some changes coming your way.

Why Things Are Changing?

Remember how we could send lots of messages and invites? Well, LinkedIn started limiting those for free accounts last year. They’re doing this to make sure everyone has a quality time on the platform. And yep, you guessed it – they’re hinting that it’s a good idea to think about going premium.

What’s Up with Premium?

Premium is like having a VIP pass. You get to send more messages, make more connections without hitting a limit, and you won’t have to verify your profile as often. It’s LinkedIn’s way of giving you more tools to network and grow.

What’s Next for Free Users? 

If you’re loving the free version, keep rocking it! Just know that some things like searching for people or sending messages might have some new limits. LinkedIn wants to keep the place spam-free and full of real, meaningful chats.

The Friendly Nudge Towards Premium: So, while LinkedIn loves all its users, they’re gently nudging us to consider premium. It’s their way of making sure the platform stays top-notch for serious networkers.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn’s moving and shaking in 2024, making premium the hot ticket for extra features. But no worries, whether you’re thinking about premium or sticking with free, LinkedIn’s still the place to be for making those professional connections.

Content Rules: LinkedIn’s 2024 Focus on Sharing and Visibility

Great news for LinkedIn lovers! In 2024, LinkedIn is stepping up its game to reward you for being active and sharing cool stuff. Here’s the lowdown on how staying engaged not only boosts your network but also your visibility on the platform. 

✨ More Posts, More Perks!

LinkedIn loves when you share your thoughts, stories, and professional insights. And guess what? They’re making it even more rewarding. By regularly posting your own content and interacting with others’, you’re not just building connections; you’re also boosting your profile’s visibility.

Each like, comment, and share doesn’t go unnoticed. LinkedIn is all about rewarding users who keep the community lively and informed. The more you engage, the more LinkedIn notices and gives your profile a little boost, making it easier for others to find you and connect.

SSI Score to the Rescue

Ever heard of the Social Selling Index (SSI)? It’s LinkedIn’s cool way of showing how well you’re doing in terms of establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships. The more content you post and engage with, the higher your SSI score climbs, unlocking benefits like increasing your weekly connection request limit.

Curious about your SSI or how to make your profile even more awesome? There’s plenty of info and tips on how to check your SSI and spruce up your profile to keep those connections coming. Check out this link for all the juicy details

In short, LinkedIn in 2024 is all about celebrating and promoting users who actively contribute to the platform. Your thoughtful posts and interactions not only enrich the LinkedIn community but also open up new avenues for your professional growth

Navigating LinkedIn’s 2024 Algorithm Tweaks

LinkedIn’s in the lab, cooking up new algorithms that are all about pushing posts that not only benefit the platform but also align perfectly with its policies.

As we speak, LinkedIn’s busy testing various algorithms to see what sticks. It’s why one post might explode with 3k impressions, and another might just get 3. It’s all part of LinkedIn’s plan to promote certain types of content and selectively show it to users.

What This Means for Your Posts?

With these tests, LinkedIn is figuring out how to best promote posts that fit its vision and policies. It’s a bit of a guessing game right now, with some posts hitting the jackpot in visibility while others might not get as much love.

As we move through 2024, expect these promotion trends to shift. LinkedIn’s always on the move, tweaking its algorithms to keep up with what’s best for the platform and its users.

To keep your LinkedIn game strong, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest news and trends in the LinkedIn sphere. This way, you’ll know exactly what to post to successfully promote your account and stay ahead in the LinkedIn game.

Navigate LinkedIn Automation in 2024 with

In 2024, LinkedIn is looking closely at automation – that’s when we use tools to help us do things on LinkedIn without doing them manually. Even though LinkedIn isn’t a big fan of anything that looks like spam, they know automation is pretty popular. A lot of us are using it to make our LinkedIn life easier, like for making new friends, selling stuff, or finding people to join our teams.

The main thing LinkedIn worries about with automation is people using it to send out loads of unwanted messages. They want to keep LinkedIn nice and clean, free of spam. But they get that not all automation is bad. It’s actually super helpful for doing our regular LinkedIn tasks better and faster.

If you’re using automation, you gotta be smart about it. Make sure your messages don’t look like they’re coming from a robot by changing them up and picking the right people to send them to. This way, LinkedIn won’t think you’re just spamming around.

Meet This is where comes in. It’s a cool tool that helps you use automation on LinkedIn without getting into trouble. lets you add special info about your LinkedIn friends when you’re sending out messages. This means you can send messages that really fit the person you’re talking to.

Keep it Personal with With, you can make sure each message feels like you wrote it just for them. They’ve got this neat trick where you can use different bits of info to make each message special. This way, you’re talking to people on LinkedIn in a way that’s friendly and real.

So, as we’re moving through 2024, using automation tools like is a smart move. They help you do your LinkedIn tasks in a way that’s safe and keeps LinkedIn happy. Plus, it makes sure you’re chatting and connecting in a way that feels genuine.

Wanna know more about making automation work for you with Here’s where to find out more. Let’s keep our LinkedIn game strong and smart!