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How to use the boolean search on LinkedIn?

Hey there! Starting your LinkedIn sales journey is all about knowing your ideal clients. Think about where they live, what industries they’re in, their experience level, the languages they speak, and other key details that help you find them. This is where Boolean search comes in as your helpful tool to make finding your ideal clients easier and your sales process more effective.

What’s Boolean Search?

Imagine it as a smart way to sift through LinkedIn’s huge pool of profiles using simple logic. It’s all about using special words (we call them operators) to help refine your search. For instance, before you send out messages automatically, using Boolean search helps ensure you’re talking to the right folks, maximizing your chances of finding the perfect clients. It’s essential for those who use LinkedIn to sell, helping you build a list of potential contacts without wasting time on those who don’t fit your criteria.


Ever tried searching on LinkedIn and ended up with a mix of relevant and irrelevant people? That’s where Boolean search shines by giving you a more targeted list, ensuring you’re reaching out to people who truly matter to your business.


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Navigating LinkedIn Search Operators:

  • NOT:

Removes terms you don’t want. For instance, “owner NOT ‘product owner’” filters out profiles mentioning ‘product owner’.

  • OR:

Expands your search to include either term. “Founder OR owner” catches profiles of either founders or owners.

  • AND:

Narrows your search to profiles that match all terms. “Founder AND CEO” finds those who are both.

  • Quotes [“”]:

For exact phrases, like “chief executive officer” ensuring you get profiles with this specific title.

  • Parentheses [()]:

Combine terms for complex searches, like “CTO AND (founder OR owner)” to find CTOs who are also founders or owners.

Remember the hierarchy: Quotes, Parentheses, NOT, AND, OR for structuring your search.


Advanced Tips:


  1. To find individuals based on the language of their profile, use the syntax profilelanguage:language (language code in 2 letters), such as profilelanguage:en for profiles in English.
  2. For targeting individuals by the language they speak, apply spokenlanguage:language (language code in 2 letters), like spokenlanguage:pl for Polish speakers.
  3. Identify professionals within a specific industry by utilizing industry:industry code. Use industry:42 as an example to locate individuals in the insurance sector. A comprehensive list of industry codes is available for reference.
  4. To filter searches by the seniority level within their profession, use seniority:seniority code. Access the complete list of seniority codes to refine your search.
  5. Searching for professionals by their skills is possible with skills:skill, for instance, skills:marketing to find individuals skilled in marketing.
  6. For pinpointing individuals by their current role or occupation, use headline:occupation. Typing headline:hiring can identify those currently hiring.   



Boolean Search Tool on LinkedIn:

There’s a cool tool that simplifies creating Boolean search strings. Just input your criteria, and it crafts the search phrase for you. Pop this into LinkedIn, and voila, you’ve got a list of your ideal audience.

For a detailed walkthrough, here’s a handy link: LinkedIn Boolean Search Tool.

1.Go to this website and fill in the blanks with your info

2.You’ll get a special search phrase to use.


3.Copy this phrase and put it into LinkedIn’s search box.

4.You can then make your search even better by using LinkedIn’s extra options like location to find exactly who you’re looking for.

Using special search phrases, or Boolean search, on LinkedIn helps you find the right people for your business more easily. This makes your job of selling or connecting on LinkedIn a lot more effective. Don’t forget to check out our blog for tips on finding leads on LinkedIn and other helpful info.


Starting your LinkedIn prospecting journey?

Remember, targeting the right audience is crucial, and Boolean search is a fantastic way to do just that. Dive into our blog for more insights on lead generation and check out, a tool that streamlines your LinkedIn activities, making your daily tasks a breeze.


  • Can I use Boolean search on LinkedIn?

Absolutely! It’s a great strategy for refining your target audience.

  • Need a Boolean search example?

Try “founder AND owner” or “skills:marketing” to see how versatile it can be.

  • What are the key Boolean operators?

NOT, OR, AND, quoted phrases, and parenthetical combinations are your go-to tools.

Happy searching!