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How to export contacts from LinkedIn events and groups to Snaily.io?

All LinkedIn members have the capability to both create and join LinkedIn groups and events. These groups and events typically consist of members who share common interests. 

How to export contacts from LinkedIn groups to Snaily.io?

Many of these groups are set to private, meaning that you must seek approval from the group’s administrator to join. 

Once your request is approved, you will gain access to the list of group members. To view this list, go to the main group page and click the “Show all” button located in the upper right corner.

When it comes to filtering group members, the only available option is to perform a keyword-based search. If you wish to send contacts to Snaily.io, simply click on the Extension icon and select “Export.” 

It’s important to note that you can export a maximum of 1000 contacts per export. Once you’ve exported your contacts, you can further sort and manage them using Snaily’s filters.

How to export contacts from LinkedIn events to Snaily.io?

Now, let’s explore how to export contacts from LinkedIn events. The process is similar. 

To access the list of event participants, you first need to register for the event. Once your registration is approved, you can view the list of participants. 

Unlike LinkedIn groups, events provide the flexibility to apply various filters beyond the basic LinkedIn search, allowing you to narrow down the list of contacts you intend to send to Snaily.io. 

After applying your desired filters, you can send these contacts to Snaily.io by clicking on the Extension icon and choosing “Export.”

In case you have any questions about Snaily.io, you are welcome to send us an email at support@snaily.io 

For advanced consultancy on the best use of LinkedIn automation, you are welcome to set up a demo call, and our manager will guide you through installing Snaily.io and setting up your account and first automation campaign: https://calendly.com/snaily-demo-call-schedule/30min

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