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How to send contacts from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator to Snaily.io?

You can also export contacts from groups and various events on LinkedIn. Additionally, Snaily allows you to export contacts from CSV files and perform unique contact customization.
For more information, visit the articles: “How to Export Contacts from CSV?” ,“How to export contacts from LinkedIn events and groups to Snaily?”

Snaily.io offers support for two distinct methods of exporting contacts from LinkedIn. 

The first option involves utilizing LinkedIn’s basic search functionality, while the second method allows you to search for leads using Sales Navigator.

To begin the export process via LinkedIn’s basic search, start by opening LinkedIn’s Basic Search and applying any desired filters. 

Once you have configured your filters, Snaily.io is ready to export your selected contacts. Simply navigate to the Snaily.io extension in your Google Chrome toolbar and click the “Export” button. Keep in mind that you can export a maximum of 1000 contacts at a time. 

Snaily will display a progress bar and notify you when the export is complete. You also have the option to pause or stop the export. 

Once the export is finished, you can access all the contacts through your Snaily.io web application. Importantly, you do not need to remain on the export page while Snaily.io is processing your contacts. 

You can check and rename your contacts within the Snaily.io web application for added convenience.

The process of exporting contacts from Sales Navigator leads search is quite similar.

Keep in mind that Snaily has the capability to export contacts from three Sales Navigator pages

  1. Search.
  2. Saved Search.
  3. Lead List. 

Once you have generated lists or chosen a pre-existing list, you can easily initiate the contact export process by opening our Chrome extension and sending the contacts to our web application.

In case you have any questions about Snaily.io, you are welcome to send us an email at support@snaily.io 

For advanced consultancy on the best use of LinkedIn automation, you are welcome to set up a demo call, and our manager will guide you through installing Snaily.io and setting up your account and first automation campaign: https://calendly.com/snaily-demo-call-schedule/30min

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