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My campaign has paused. What should I do?

If your Snaily.io campaign has unexpectedly paused, it’s likely due to reaching LinkedIn’s limit on free personalized connection requests. Here’s a concise guide to understanding why this happens and how to get your campaigns back up and running.


Understanding the Pause


LinkedIn imposes a monthly cap on personalized connection requests for Free users — typically 5 or 10. Snaily.io respects this limit by pausing your outreach campaigns once the cap is reached to prevent violations of LinkedIn’s policies.


Basic information about stopping automation:

  1. Limit Reached: Your campaign pauses because the monthly quota of free LinkedIn personalized connection requests has been met.
  2. Character Cap: Free requests are limited to 200 characters, limiting message complexity.
  3. Automation Halted: Without premium LinkedIn features, Snaily.io can’t send further personalized requests.




Resolving the Issue

1.Check email notifications: Snaily.io sends alerts about paused campaigns. These contain details on why your campaign paused and steps to resume.

2.Two ways to resolve limits:

Reduce or remove the note message: Simplifying or omitting the personalized note in your connection requests may decrease the likelihood of hitting the cap quickly.

Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium: For uninterrupted campaign activity and enhanced networking capabilities, consider a LinkedIn Premium subscription, especially Sales Navigator, for its advanced features.

3.Resumption of the campaign: Once you upgrade, Snaily.io automatically resumes your paused campaigns, taking full advantage of your new premium features.


Pay attention!

Simply restarting a paused Snaily.io campaign without addressing the underlying issue—reaching LinkedIn’s free connection request limit—will result in another pause. To prevent this, consider either minimizing your note message or upgrading to LinkedIn Premium. This proactive step ensures uninterrupted campaign operation.


LinkedIn Premium Options:

  1. Premium Business: Access to who viewed your profile and LinkedIn Learning.
  2. Sales Navigator: Advanced search and lead management tools for sales professionals.
  3. Recruiter Lite: Designed for talent acquisition with robust candidate search tools.

More information can be found on this page  – Linkedin Premium



If the reason for automation pause is a LinkedIn account block


If your company’s campaign was halted due to your LinkedIn account being blocked, please visit this page “LinkedIn Account Restricted: Why and What to Do?“. There, you will find more detailed information regarding what to do if your LinkedIn account is blocked.


Final Steps


Upgrading your LinkedIn account is a straightforward solution to resume and enhance your Snaily.io campaigns. With premium, you not only bypass the limitations on connection requests but also unlock powerful tools for effective networking and lead management.



In case you have any questions about Snaily.io, you are welcome to send us an email at support@snaily.io 


For advanced consultancy on the best use of LinkedIn automation, you are welcome to set up a demo call, and our manager will guide you through installing Snaily.io and setting up your account and first automation campaign:  https://calendly.com/snaily-demo-call-schedule/30min



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